I am exceptionally pleased to welcome you to the National Biosafety and Biocontainment Training Program Website. By visiting this site, you are beginning to explore exciting, new career opportunities in science and biomedical research.

As a Nation we face numerous challenges as we increase our civilian biodefense and emerging infectious disease response capabilities. There will be an increased demand for well-trained Biosafety professionals. The NBBTP has been founded to help meet this demand. New, state-of the-art biocontainment facilities are being built across the United States. NBBTP Fellows will be actively involved in the safety design and review process for these facilities. Applied research opportunities in occupational safety and health and biosafety are available. The Program is multi-faceted and rigorous. The challenges are great - so are the rewards.

I encourage you to explore and consider Biosafety as a profession. Personally, I could not ask for a more exciting and rewarding career.

Welcome and good luck!


Division of Occupational Health and Safety
National Institutes of Health